How to avail 12 month pay day loan

The easy payment plans only for 12 months, flexible interest rates and the proper guidance about the repayment plans make the loan easy and convenient for the borrower. For seeking information the potential borrower can visit the website or can reach the company via a call while the company ensures that the inquiry or need is best served. To avail 12 month pay day loan there are only few requirements which can be easily met. This loan is only offered to the residents of UK who are able to provide legal documentation as evidence. Another criterion is the age which must be above 18 years. And the foremost requirement is to own a vehicle which is in running condition. The documents of the vehicle must be in the name of the applicant himself. Any individual cannot apply a loan on any vehicle which is not owned by him or her.

12 Month Payday offers 12 month pay day loan to every individual; even if he has a bad credit history, if he falls upon the eligibility criteria. This facility is not possible with the bank loans since people with bad credit history cannot avail service from the bank. This loan is provided against a flexible range of vehicles, and people can even avail loan against motorbike along with cars and vans. This way individuals can use any kind of vehicle can be used to apply loan for using as a guarantee. However the loan amount may vary according to the value of the vehicle. After verification and examination of the vehicle, the amount is released which may range from £250 to £5,000 according to value and condition of the vehicle.

The procedure for loan approval is very simple; and the entire system is based on mutual collaboration. Firstly the clients apply using the form at the website which is a rapid process. As soon as the application is submitted, the team members of 12 month pay day contacts the client for discussion on what is required.  This leads to setting up an appointment at the nearest branch which takes place mostly within one hour. For clients in Scotland there is an arrangement of mobile workers as well who reach the clients and help them. Finally after the process of verification is completed successfully, cash is handed over to the client which may be up to £5,000 depending on the request and vehicle. Bank transfer to the client’s account can also take place in case of specific requirement.        

For verification process the team members check the eligibility documentation, which is followed by the examination of the vehicle to assess its condition. If everything goes fine and the vehicle is in good working condition without any sever accident, the amount is handed over the same day. From beginning till end, the vehicle remains with the customer and the loan service is applicable on all brands and makes of the vehicles. Only the V5 document will be given to the company which in return will sign an agreement with you stating the terms.